Generalised installer howto.

Nathan Hurst njh at
Wed Feb 10 12:33:59 EST 1999

After receiving several thousand positive mails from people regarding my
linuxppc-imac HOWTO, and numerous people wondering if I would write
similar howtos for other platforms; I've been thinking about a general
solution to the problem of maintaining and creating installation

My suggestion(I will implement this if enough people show interest):

Setup (possibly on FAQ-O-Matic) a tree of questions to determine the type
of machine, and any distinguishing hardware, and after a series of
questions(do you have the linuxppc CD? e.g.), give either a generated or
previously written HOWTO for the particular setup requested.  The way to
do this would be for people who are setting up their machines to keep a
log of what they did, and submit it to a maintainer(probably me, unless
someone else feels an urge) for inclusion onto some website. 



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