NuBus PowerMacs and PDM video

BenH bh40 at
Tue Feb 9 23:14:36 EST 1999

Hi !

I'm doing some experiments with the MMU (learning it's usage). The goal
is to add some better bootstrap code to BootX (get rid of the -622 error
with MacOS VM) and to add support for the rather "special" memory
mappings of the NuBus PowerMacs.

However, I have a problem with the video on those machines: If I
understand things correctly, the framebuffer is set by MacOS to physical
address 0. This is a problem for us since we need to have some exception
vectors and other things like that in this location.

I beleive MkLinux booter moves it elswhere, but I don't know how to do
that (I don't have infos about the chip and I don't have one of those
machines to test with).

Any clues ?

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