Kernel message

Marcus H. Mendenhall mendenmh at
Tue Feb 9 06:07:15 EST 1999

This appears (from the mm->pgd reference) to be the same crash I have been
seeing and posting to the list for a while.  I have been trying to trace it
down, but not with much success.  It comes from mm/slab.c and may be
associated with a bad page fault.  Very few people (other than me) have
been reporting it.  I am seeing it on a G3 rev 2 with 128 MB RAM, running
off the stock internal IDE drives.  A possible indication is that it might
be a bug in the IDE driver, causing page fault to fail, since at least one
person running with SCSI drives has indicated he is not seeing this

Unfortunately, the time I can spend chasing this is small, so unless
someone with a lot more time starts getting annoyed by it, it won't go away

Marcus Mendenhall

>I got the following from the kernel, (vger-2.2.0-990201)
>i was playing with loadkeys at that time, maybe its usefull
>in the developers maybe not, i have no idea how to turn this
>to something usefull.
>  Kostas Gewrgiou
>NIP: 0182A070 XER: 00000000 LR: 01801EAC REGS: c3483e90 TRAP: 0500
>MSR: 0000d032 EE: 1 PR: 1 FP: 0 ME: 1 IR/DR: 11
>TASK = c3482000[277] 'rc5des' mm->pgd c3480000 Last syscall: 78
>last math c2af0000
>GPR00: E5E74579 7FFFFA84 9B449F0E 0212050F 73E1FEAA 45086972 7C81A0EE
>GPR08: 83F32258 4B765D95 7356167B 313C4254 18253FCD 46DF33E4 07D0C6CC
>GPR16: CF819E85 799561AC 68D44C12 CD405D72 3D919D13 950149FD 14B690AE
>GPR24: C987064F CDC150F7 B00426E7 85D30A31 1825F482 3E07D996 61FD48F2

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