A different Window Maker problem

Beecher Greenman rbg6038 at ritvax.isc.rit.edu
Mon Feb 8 14:09:01 EST 1999

Recently I tried to install XFree86 on my R4 system. I downloaded the binaries from ftp.xfree86.org, and everything installed fine. 
However, now Window Maker refuses to start. WHen it tries, it complains 
about an error in the shared libs...

wmaker:error in loading share libraries
: undefined symbol _Xsetlocale

No indication of what library to use or anything. A recompile did not 
appear to solve the problem. Other windowmanagers compile and run fine. I 
haven't even run into the FD_ZERO bug that's currently plaguing some 

LinuxPPC R4, kernel 2.2.1 with appropriate sources and modules, XFree (unaccelerated), Window Maker 0.50.2, rev3 G3, 128 megs RAM, 128 
megs swap, 2 gig /


-Beecher Greenman

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