I/O port access ???

Cort Dougan cort at persephone.cs.nmt.edu
Fri Feb 5 10:51:43 EST 1999

What I'm looking at doing in the next weeks is unifying the IO bases.
We'd remap the IO (as we do on prep now) for all the arch's so that we
only need one set of io base values.

}> Is there some way to access the I/O ports, for example the VGA registers
}> of some graphics board (assuming the I/O ports are enabled in the PCI
}> config space) on ppc boxes?  How can I do that with Linux?  From kernel
}> space?  From user space?
}You have to mmap() /dev/mem. Which address depends on the type of PPC box.
}You can find the correct addres in <asm/io.h> (*_ISA_IO_BASE).

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