matroxfb, anybody? (More details...)

Takashi Oe toe at
Fri Feb 5 09:52:56 EST 1999


On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, dhiltgen at wrote:

> I tried to pass the parameters to control at bootup hoping that 
> would circumvent the problem by using:
> append="video=matrox:vesa:0x11a,nopan,fv:80 video=control:vmode:6,cmode:32"

I don't know about the latest vger source tree, but 2.2.1 from
or 990201 vger source at don't have the necessary
codes to support that for controlfb.  It probably makes no difference for
your problem, but you can try the patch below:

This contains the patches (fbmem.c and controlfb.c) for setting boot time
options among other things.

Takashi Oe

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