Booting 2.2.0-pre6 on a PowerStack-II (Net 4000/200)

Michael Meissner meissner at
Fri Feb 5 07:23:44 EST 1999

On Thu, Feb 04, 1999 at 07:21:34PM -0000, Gary Thomas wrote:
> Before it quit, did it tell you how much memory it thought it had?
> Perhaps the OFW memory sizing stuff is wrong...  Although I thought
> I had forced it to think that there was 32M if there was no OFW.

I don't remember (and its likely to be a few days before I go in again).
The machine in question only has PPCbug installed in ROM, no OF.  It does boot
fine with an unpatched 2.2.0-pre7 floppy.

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