PReP framebuffer patches (clgenfb)

Jeff Rugen jrugen at
Fri Feb 5 03:58:51 EST 1999

I have some pacthes to get clgenfb working on the Motorola Powerstack
available (finally :-)  )  They are against 2.2.1, since I haven't been able
to get a vger kernel running (haven't looked into it much -- happens
immediately after decompressing the kernel though).  I'd appreciate any

The page is:

I also have a version of Xbh on the page (compiled against pre-R5 XFree86
libraries) that has some support for 16- and 32- bit color (it comes up in
both modes, and 32-bit color seems to work fine except for lots of flicker
when text scrolls.  16-bit color comes up with the right colors, but xv on a
jpeg shows a definite lack of green...

I have more text about each bit on the page itself.

Jeff Rugen                      jrugen at

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