LinuxPPC on MVME 2306 board

David De Ridder at
Tue Feb 2 20:19:43 EST 1999

At 14:13 1-2-99 +0100, Gabriel Paubert wrote:

>> As I understand from some messages in this list, several people have
>> been able to run LinuxPPC on such boards.
>At least simliar ones, I don't remember exactly what the 230x has. But as
>long as it has a DEC21x4x Ethernet, there should not be any problem...

 It has a DEC21140 Ethernet controller (with RJ-45 plug) and a serial
 interface (PC16550 UART).

>> 2) Since we don't have a spare developer PPC machine, is it possible
>>    to crosscompile the LinuxPPC kernel from the standard Linux sources
>>    on an Intel based machine ? I tried it and had problems with an
>>    unfound 'semaphore.h' file.
>Yes, you'll need a rather recent egcs version. 

 The egcs on that machine came with a Slackware 3.6 (Octobre 1998?). It
 should be recent. And how will a new egcs prevent the unfound-include-file-
 problem from happening ?

>I have put an untested zImage on my ftp server (I want to test it soon):

 Thank you. BTW, is is possible to use 'rdev' on a cross-compiled
 kernel image ? I mean : can I set the root device for a LinuxPPC with
 a PC's rdev ?

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