Arp addresses

Jonathan Brauer brauer at
Mon Dec 20 08:22:27 EST 1999

This question might be better posted to the general mailing list, but I though I 
would try here first.

After completing the *writing* of the custom network driver for our PPC port I 
seem to have run into a prick wall with the arp workings.  After using ifconfig 
to configure the eth0 device I attempt to ping the device.  The ethernet seems 
to pass the packet up and into the arp_rcv function, but in hear, the arphdr 
arp_hln and arp_pln seem to have not been configured correctly.  Does anyone 
know where in an rx skbuff in 2.2.13 that the arphdr structure is initialized?

I imagine it might very well be a configuration or missing binary file, but I 
honestly can not seem to gleem where this occurs in the kernel code.  A grep on 
arphdr and arp_hln does not seem to reveal this.

Jonathan Brauer
Texas Memory Systems

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