New lists (was: IBM 850)

Dave Wolfe dwolfe at
Tue Aug 31 23:47:38 EST 1999

[ Hollis R Blanchard writes: ]
> Hey folks, there's a new list at for PowerPC
> workstations. It should be a lot less traffic than linuxppc-user,
> so hopefully you can join? That is, if you're still interested in
> Linux/PPC on your hardware.

Since Hollis has let the cat out of the bag, :-) I'd better make the

Two new lists have been created on

   linuxppc-embedded       Linux on PowerPC embedded systems discussions
   linuxppc-workstation    Linux on PowerPC PReP and CHRP system discussions

No digest versions for these yet, since they aren't expected to
reach the volume of mail to need digests, but we'll see. Go to and follow the links to subscribe or read the
info files to subscribe via e-mail.

 Dave Wolfe

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