mac-2.3.14.diff: adb

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Tue Aug 31 17:21:31 EST 1999

David D. Kilzer <ddkilzer at> wrote:

> The issue at hand is that Jes believes drivers/macintosh should not exist

I still haven't heard why.  I personally would like something more
compelling than "Jes doesn't like it" before changing an arrangement
that is working just fine AFAICS.

> I would appreciate it if Jes and Paul would come to an agreement on where
> the code belongs so we can get on with the ADB merger.  :^)

Jes is more of a "theoretician" than I am, I tend to be more
pragmatic, so this could be a problem. :-)  I will accept patches for
drivers/macintosh from the m68k mac folks.  I have some reservations
about the current adb merge patches, though, which I'll mention once
I've had a closer look at the patches.  In general I'm happy with a
drivers/adb directory but I don't think drivers/macintosh should go


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