Xfree86 support for Voodoo 3 acceleration

Nicholas Coult coult at ima.umn.edu
Mon Aug 30 23:36:24 EST 1999

On Sun, 29 Aug 1999, David Riley wrote:

> Stephen Edie wrote:
> > Is the full source code to the driver available?  Or is it written using
> > the Glide libraries?  If it is written using Glide, than it will be
> > necessary to contact 3dfx and get Glide ported to PPC Linux before it can
> > be ported.  Otherwise, it's entirely possible.  :)
> This ought to happen once someone gets a LinuxPPC machine to Darryl Strauss
> <http://glide.xxedgexx.com>.

>From all appearances we don't need to wait for Darryl to have support
for 2-d acceleration in XFreee86.  Here is what Darryl himself had
to say in response to a post of mine in 3dfx.glide.linux:

> Nicholas Coult wrote:
>> What would it take to get support for the Voodoo 3 card under XFree-86 on
>> Linux/PPC?  How much of the support on the Intel side is
>> Intel-hardware-specific?
>Getting the X server to run shouldn't be bad. It might require changes
>to do byte swapping. 
>3D support would require Glide and at the moment there aren't any plans
>to port Glide to other platforms.
>                                                        - |Daryll

What I'm saying is, someone just needs to take the existing code and
tweak it a bit and plug it into the FBDev code and voila! We'll
have support for 2-d acceleration with Voodoo 3 cards.  I'd do it
myself if I had even the least clue where to begin - anybody have some 

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