Xfree86 support for Voodoo 3 acceleration

Nicholas Coult coult at ima.umn.edu
Sat Aug 28 04:22:48 EST 1999

As far as I can tell the full source for the 2-d driver is available as
part of the source for XFree-86 3.3.4.
In particular, the directory 


contains the source for the drivers.  

The Glide library is only for the 3-d stuff, which is another story entirely.
It is most definitely _not_ available as source code.

> Is the full source code to the driver available?  Or is it written using
> the Glide libraries?  If it is written using Glide, than it will be
> necessary to contact 3dfx and get Glide ported to PPC Linux before it can
> be ported.  Otherwise, it's entirely possible.  :)
> Stephen
> >Hi,
> >
> >After looking at www.xfree86.org and the source for Xfree-3.3.4,
> >it seems that support for the Voodoo 3 card's 2-d acceleration
> >is already in Xfree86!  But, (and I'm just guessing here, I do a lot
> >of programming but none of it is system or GUI programming)
> >this support appears to run only on x86 systems currently.  There doesn't
> >appear to be any asm code or anything, though, so shouldn't it be
> >possible to port this to the linuxppc side of things?
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