three ADB mouse buttons on Powerbook G3 Series

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at
Fri Aug 27 12:40:33 EST 1999

	Greetings to all, and welcome to my first linuxppc-dev post.  This is
the only list I'm on regarding LinuxPPC, although I'm a heavy fulltime
user of it, off-and-on since R4 and pre-R5.  I have some information
and encouragements I've been collecting to share with you all but now
I'm desperate for a touch of help!
	If you please, just reply to me individually via email; I'll let you
all know when I got the answer and I'll post the answer to the
	I have a Wallstreet Powerbook G3 Series, and I use the ADB built-in
trackpad mouse.  I found out from the FAQ-o-Matic how to enable three
buttons with the "adb_buttons=xx,yy" kernel parameter.  But they seem
to be specific for different keyboards, so how do I do it on mine?
	Or, do we have support for the ALPS Glidepoint external three-button
ADB trackpad mouse?
"We can learn from the past, but those days are gone.
We can hope for the future, but there may not be one."

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