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Fri Aug 27 08:01:47 EST 1999

Am Don, 26 Aug 1999 schrieb Martin Costabel:
>Franz Sirl wrote:
>> At 10:40 26.08.99 , Martin Costabel wrote:
>> >In a second post, I'll have some questions about things that don't yet
>> >work. I hope this is the right forum for this. I didn't see many
>> >discussions on kernel development for the PPC like on the linux-kernel
>> >list.
>> You'll probably talking about the problems with adbmouse. 
>Yes, you beat me by 6 sec.

Yeah, I noticed.

>>                                                           I have a patch
>> for this one. I have also a fixed version of my Xpmac-style 3-mousebutton
>> emulation with the "buttons locked before 1st use" problem. I'll forward
>> this stuff to Paul later today when I'm home.
>Great! Could you CC it to me, please? I am using your patch all the time
>in 2.2.12. The problem you are talking about, is it the one that forces
>me to press Opt_R before moving the mouse the first time (gpm and X)?
>Not very serious, but if you have a fix, umso besser!

Yes, this problem is fixed now.

For Paul, this patch does:
- fixes 2.3.15 compilation issues vs. CONFIG_MOUSE/CONFIG_BUSMOUSE
- convert adb_mouse_setup to new style (compiles, but not tested yet)
- added 2nd Xpmac style mouse button emulation mode:
	adb_buttons=1,x,y: exactly like the old version, one key == one button
	adb_buttons=2,x,y: Xpmac style, one key + mouse click == one button

BTW, Paul, is there any chance we can go back to USB keycodes before 2.4? This
seems a lot more logical in the longterm.

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