kernel entry point, where in code?

Ira K Weiny iweiny at
Thu Aug 26 19:06:22 EST 1999

I don't quite know where to go from here...

I have gotten the 2.2.10 kernel from a while ago.  I did not have
problems compiling it at all.  I did:
gmake config
gmake dep
gmake modules
gmake modules_install

moved the kernel and the to the /boot and rebooted.

I get through the quik loader.  (Booting from OF) but the screen does not seem
to clear like it does normaly.  And then the computer hangs.

So what I am left with is the boot prompt in OF something like:

device...  /bandit/
device...  /chaos/control

What I can figure is the kernel hangs somewhere before start_kernel and up
to and including the console_init function call.  Because with my kernel which
works I think these messages are the same and the screen blanks and then starts
with the boot process.

in file init/main.c:

asmlinkage void __init start_kernel(void)

I have been trying to figure out where this is called so that I can try and
figure out what is going wrong?  I have no errors from the kernel.  I have
searched all the arch, include/asm-ppc and other directories I can think of in
the source.

Along those lines...

Is it printk which prints the messages on the screen at bootup.  PRIOR to the
init scripts.  I don't even get the linux_banner before the machine locks up...

Or if I am totaly off-base here...

Where does the kernel code start executing?

Thanks in advance
Ira Weiny
iweiny at

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