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Robert Shaw at
Tue Aug 24 02:00:01 EST 1999


Once again, you DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS! The B&W G3 now has video support.

If you've downloaded the latest kernel from my web-site, you can specify the
video mode you want from the kernel arguments of BootX. Add the following to you
kernel arguments:


That will give you 1024x768 @ 75Hz, w/32bpp. Piece of cake, no init'ing, no
rebooting, no running Xautoconfig.

The FAQ page at my site ( also has the
reproduction of the vmode settings that are available. They work, and no running
of Xautoconfig is needed.

rshaw at

brad allison wrote:

> I'm not sure how hard/not hard this would be to do, but right now in order
> to change resolutions I have to boot into MacOS, set my resolution, launch
> BootX, boot into init 3, run Xautoconfig, boot into init 5.
> That's a lot of work to just change the resolution for X.
> It would be nice if you could set the resolution and color from BootX on
> boot up.
> If there's a easier way to change pixel depth and resolution from inside X
> please let me know....
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