Scheduler problem

Dave_Lee at Dave_Lee at
Sun Aug 22 07:24:11 EST 1999


We're trying to port Linux 2.2.10 to a diskless PPC 603e-based platform and
we've gotten the kernel to boot; however, during the device setup code, an
alignment exception occurs in the scheduler.  At the time, the initrd code
(rd.c:rd_load_image () ) is running and copying out a disk image to a RAM disk
(block_dev.c:block_write).  During the write, it eventually calls the scheduler
and we've tracked it to the code below.

        while (p != &init_task) {
                if (can_schedule(p)) {
                        int weight = goodness(prev, p, this_cpu);
                        if (weight > c)
                                c = weight, next = p;
                p = p->next_run; // next_run is NULL

Putting in some test code before going to the next list element, p is PID 0
(swapper?  which I assume is init_task ?).  All it's next/prev pointers are

Any ideas on what the problem is and/or suggestions on how to tackle this?


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