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Alberto Vignani vignani at tin.it
Fri Aug 20 03:53:16 EST 1999

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999 Brad Boyer <flar at marcus.pants.nu> wrote:

>Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
>> Perhaps Gabriel's 486SX emulator can be included as an optimization?
>I doubt it, from what I know of both emulators.  The one that was submitted
>for Wine is protected mode only, and Gabriel's is real mode only.  I
>imagine the ideas and some of the code from Gabriel's emulator could
>be adapted to this use, but it definitely couldn't be used without
>some major changes.  It might be a good place to start, tho.

dosemu (www.dosemu.org) has an x86 emulator derived from the one in Twin
(www.willows.com). I am now testing the Twin version on the iMac and the
results are already very encouraging, the emulator is quite fast and has
no endianness problems AFAIK.
However, the Twin emulator does 16-bit protected mode only. But the dosemu
version can do almost all, from real mode to 32-bit DPMI. GDT,LDT and
paging have already been implemented, even if not yet fully debugged.
The dosemu version is at http://www.dosemu.org/~alberto.


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