Stupid Question

Michael A. Thompson mat0001 at
Wed Aug 18 16:39:50 EST 1999

1. Which rpm contains the standard include headers?
I come from mklinux and IRIX... I cant seem to find stdio.h stdlib.h
etc... or sys/*.h directory. I installed the egcs c/c++ rpms,
kernal-devel rpms and other gnu develope apps libs utils and headers but
can find the standard stuff....
2. is it normal for c++ includes to be here: /usr/include/g++-2?
3. What is the normal file structure for linuxppc 5 include directory?
is it like x86 linux, BSD, etc....

Thanks for any help on this.  I have a very limited ppc linux system and
only want a working devel system without the other stuff....


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