USB: Device or resource busy?

David Hay hay_dave at
Tue Aug 17 02:39:22 EST 1999

I've been trying to get my USB card and mouse working but no such luck.  I've
tried compiling the latest 2.2.10 kernel from with
USB modules turned on, so I now have a usb-ohci and mouse module.  However,
if I try to load the usb-ohci module via modprobe and I get a message in
/var/log/messages indicating that it's trying to load USB driver, but then I
get an error back like (this is from memory):

init_module: Device or resource busy

What does this mean?  More specifically, how do I get my USB mouse to work?
(I have a Kensington mouse-in-a-box scroll mouse).  Thanks!


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