Trying a Promise Ultra/66 on powerpc

Martin Mares mj at
Sun Aug 15 19:23:36 EST 1999


> That's even worse.... Might be one more reason for Martin to get the
> dynamic resource allocation stuff for PCI devices into the kernel ;-)

   ;-))  I'm working on that, the most problematic bit is currently
to get Linus at least reply to my patches :|

   On the PPC, do you have enough information about host bridges, so
that you can re-address all the devices? Whereever this way is possible,
I'd prefer it over mixing addresses assigned by the firmware and the
kernel as it's hard to get right if there are any PCI to PCI bridges.

   I'll probably add a generic helper function for the whole address
assignment / card enabling business.

				Have a nice fortnight
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