OF netbooting

Christopher A. Shepherd cshepher at hardrock.com
Fri Aug 13 23:56:56 EST 1999


     I've been reading a bit on the list about iMac openfirmware netbooting,
reading the Apple technotes, etc. After looking over the NetBSD source tree,
it looks like the special ".note" section in the kernel file consists of

-- snip (ofwmagic.S) --

        .section ".note"

        # note header

        # length of name
        .long   8

        # note descriptor size
        .long   20

        # note type (IEEE 1275)
        .long   0x1275

        # name of owner
        .asciz  "PowerPC"
        .balign 4

        # note descriptor

        # real mode (-1) or virtual mode (0)
        .long   0

        # real-base
        .long   -1
        # real-size
        .long   -1

        # virt-base
        .long   -1
        # virt-size
        .long   -1

-- snip --

     I built a special kernel by just assembling this and linking it into
the kernel. Won't be able to test it until I get back home though. Could it
really be this simple?


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