xhfs & MacOS standard disks corruption

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Fri Aug 13 05:02:19 EST 1999

Andreas Tobler wrote:
> Hi,
> has anybody made similar experiences with xhfs (from hfsutils-3.2-1b):
> Under MacOs 8.6 cleaned the disk with DiskFirstAid 8.5.2.

hfsutils-3.2-1b is pretty old, maybe from the times when hfs support was
indeed unsafe (March 1998 or so). Are you still using R4? Even then, you
could get a newer hfsutils*.src.rpm and compile it; for ex. from the
contrib directory on ftp.linuxppc.org.

> Boot into Linux, startx, xhfs & open the cleaned partition, transfer a
> file, in my case 9MB, to the mounted partition.
> Afterwards closed the xhfs shut the machine down to reboot into MacOS.
> A check on this partition gives me an error in the catalog tree.
> Ok, doing a repair to it works. But as it happened to me doing that
> several times without checking/reparing the partition I got an
> unreparable partition which I had to erase.
> This is done with 2.2.10 & 2.2.11.
> Question: is xhfs bad? or is there something uggly with hfs support?

MacOS 8.6 + Linux 2.2.10, and then hfsutils-3.2-1b: Somewhat

Disclaimer: Your problem could be something else entirely, of course.


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