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Fri Aug 13 01:09:22 EST 1999

>>>>> Andreas Bogk writes:

Andreas> David Riley <happyoscar42 at> writes:

>> Does anyone know if 64-bit powerPC's ever came out (e.g. the 620)?  I noticed

Andreas> As far as I know, IBM sold some 64-bit RS/6000 machines with
Andreas> them. They are of course grossly expensive.

	The September 1999 issue of UNIX Review's Performance Computing
shows the two IBM 64-bit PowerPC processors: the Power3 (aka PPC630) used
in the RS/6000 Model 43P/260 and the RS64 used in the RS/6000 Model S70
and RS/6000 Model H70.  The RS64 processor also is used in AS/400 systems.


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