mace:transmit timeout - resetting

Patrick Berge pberge at
Thu Aug 12 09:32:00 EST 1999

Paul Mackerras wrote:

> Patrick Berge <pberge at> wrote:
> >  I have am receiving "mace:transmit timeout - resetting" sporadically.
> But do you see any problems with the network apart from the message?
> The reason for the message is that there are some bugs in the mace
> chip which cause it to lock up very occasionally.  When the driver
> detects this condition, it prints this message and tries to reset the
> chip.  If your network keeps working, then it means that the driver
> successfully got the mace chip going again.
> > Any ideas about my problem and/or the meaning of the HZ would be
> > helpful.
> HZ is the number of timer interrupts per second.
> Paul.

Thanks for the info.  For the record I have a PowerPC 7200/120 and was
wondering if any other extended ethernet users have this same problem.  The
network works but is incredibly slow do to the resetting every second.   I
really don't think the network ever was completely hung...  just very very
slow 10,100,1000 times slower than all the other non-mace
machines.   I talked to Apple (they just told me the only known problem is
with certain 7200/90 machines (see .   I guess this is
the issue Keith mentioned in a previous post.  I ask them to review there
database and search for any ethernet issues for 7200/120 and they claimed
there are no known ethernet problems.

I guess my question to you, Paul, is what do I need to do to the mace.c
file to turn off the resetting of the chip.  I am just guessing that the
reset condition you looked for does not hang the mace chip in the
7200/120.   If so then removing the reset should fix my problem.    I am
again assuming the the mace chip in my 7200/120 hardware does not hang.
If I remove the resetting and it hangs then well I just have to but a PCI
ethernet card.

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