PowerPC info URL's (was Re: Assembly)

Vinai vroopcha at post.its.mcw.edu
Thu Aug 12 05:03:23 EST 1999


Take a look at the following pages.  I keep meaning to actually go into
some of this stuff, but there's "the pathway to hell" etc, etc ;-) Hope
they have what you are looking for:


Some of the stuff on the last page may be what you need ??


}I am trying to learn assembly language of Powerpc.
}Anybody can suggest good point to start?
}I tried to read User Manual of MPC860 and InstrucionManual but it
}doesnt talk about architecture of PPC,meas how many register it has...
}how many flags..etc...
}I need something like programmer's guide ,which is not I couldnt find on
}Motarola website.

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