Martin Costabel costabel at
Tue Aug 10 21:01:34 EST 1999

Hollis R Blanchard wrote:
> What's the deal with the CVS tree? The kernel I compiled from it a week or so
> ago has a very screwed platinumfb driver, but now the cvs server
> does not exist. has moved to
>, but no mention made of CVS anywhere...
> Is it just a matter of waiting for it to get set up again, or should I be
> looking elsewhere?

The cvs server is alive again now, and the linux_2_2 branch has moved to
2.2.11 with a great many updates.

The kernel doesn't compile, though. There is a new line


in kernel/ksyms.c which conflicts with the same line in
arch/ppc/kernel/ppc_ksyms.c. One of the two has to go.

The kernel compiles then. It doesn't boot, though. On my 6400, it gets
as far as
  INIT: version 2.74 booting
and then hangs. The 2.2.10 compiled with the same config options boots

Seems that not much testing for the PPC is going on for the vger tree.


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