Trying a Promise Ultra/66 on powerpc

Michel Lanners mlan at
Tue Aug 10 07:13:49 EST 1999

Hi Dan,

I'm getting returned mail (user unknown) on Andre's email address. Do
you happen to know his new address?

On   8 Aug, this message from Daniel Jacobowitz echoed through cyberspace:
[Io port mapping funnies]
> This didn't, oddly, stop my card from working.  It does, however, make
> me lock up hard if I hdparm -i /dev/hda.

What is your machine? Any IDE devices onboard?

I'm getting lockups myself on hdparm -I and -d1 -X66 (for the Maxtor
drive) and at drive identification on bootup with a Quantum Fireball.

> Oh, if you didn't pick this up, you can make it ide0/1 instead of
> ide2/3 by enable CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OFFBOARD.

Yeah, I was just too lazy to enable it, thanks ;-)

>> /dev/hde:
>>  Timing buffered disk reads:  64 MB in  6.60 seconds = 9.70 MB/sec
>> Maxtor 91024D4; 10G 7200 RPM, UDMA-2 ie 33 MB/s.
> Eek.  I want that :)

Yeah, interesting drive, as it is _very_ silent; nothing to do with the
usual 7200 RPM stuff, plus it is relatively fast. And affordable ;-) 


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