Trying a Promise Ultra/66 on powerpc

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On   9 Aug, this message from Benjamin Herrenschmidt echoed through cyberspace:
> On Mon, Aug 9, 1999, Paul Mackerras <paulus at> wrote:
>>Basically the problem is that the IDE driver assumes that you access
>>all IDE controllers via I/O ports.  When you have a controller that
>>has memory-mapped registers, there is a problem.  When you have a
>>system where one IDE controller has I/O ports and another has memory-
>>mapped registers, you have a bigger problem.  The current approach to
>>solving this problem is to map the addresses of the memory-mapped
>>registers into pseudo I/O port numbers (by subtracting _IO_BASE).  If
>>there is a better way, somebody let me know. :-)
> Looks like the best way would be to store the port base or pointers to
> the in/out functions in the HWIF structure.

How about fixing this in the kernel's PCI bus structures, by adding any
required offsets in the pci_fixup() routines? This would make for clean
inb()/outb() definitions (no offset), and also accomodates multiple I/O
spaces behind more than one bridge. For instance, on the 7x00, both
bandit and chaos have I/O space; the one for the PCI cards, the other
for control (yes, control has an I/O port range! Not sure it serves,

Any fixed-offset approach would break with multiple I/O ranges.... Not
to mention the 9x00 machines (two separate host bridges, each three
slots), where you can't work around the problem by using hardcoded
addresses for the known motherboard chips.

I guess this approach could be made to work across the PPC
architecture, not only on the PMac, as the PPC in general lacks anything
special about I/O space... after all, those are just small memory
spaces ;-)


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