How DOES OF Work? (ie multi-OS woes)

Jerry Quinn jquinn at
Fri Aug 6 23:50:42 EST 1999

>> "Andrew" == Andrew B Arthur <arthur99 at> writes:

 >> I wish you good luck... Maybe you could come up w/ a way to boot from a
 >> selection of OS'es via OF. But the mac crowd will still wine, as there is
 >> no icons to click on in OF... =/

 Andrew> See for the Open
 Andrew> Firmware boot menu.

 Andrew> It always used to work quite well, so I expect it would work good
 Andrew> now.

 Andrew> Supports timeout (after 180 seconds), and presents you with a boot
 Andrew> list like this:

 Andrew> <m>ac os <l>inux-pmac <o>pen firmware

Don't forget, this won't be that useful on 7200-class machines, i.e. you can't
see the screen.  At least assuming that you have someone who isn't a computer
geek who wants to use the machine.

Is there any hope of doing something about the broken OF on these machines?  I 
don't expect that there is, but I can always hope.  The only things I really
see as possible are some kind of boot loader that can kick in at the point
when macOS would normally be loaded from disk or somehow being able to create
new ROMS with correct OF in them.


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