Sony says this cannot happen!

ian geiser geiseri at
Tue Aug 3 05:21:19 EST 1999

I purchased a new Sony CD-ROM last week and i have since then run
into the most peculiar problem i have ever seen in my life.

I was ripping a CD, it was scratched and i have used cdparanoia to
"salvage" CD's like this in the past.  while the CD was being ripped
it got to a point  in the CD where it just could not get by.  the CD
just repeats over and over again no matter what CD player you are on.

well i gave up on this track and went to another one.  but no matter
track i was on it would only sample the same 2 seconds of audio from the

first track.  so i switched CDs... the same 2 seconds of audio OVER AND

so i rebooted (warm boot) still the SAME 2 seconds of audio...

so i powered off and waited a few minutes.... then i rebooted and
was fine.

i called sony and they said there was no way the CD-ROM could store
on board the CD player like that and that i would be better off
purchasing a new
CD because CD-ROMs are not mad to rip cds....

i am wondering if anyone else has run into this and IF  it is a problem
with my

 thanks in advance

    -ian reinhart geiser

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