test & set ppc assembly (libgcj vs. threads)

Daniel Jacobowitz drow at false.org
Tue Aug 3 04:49:45 EST 1999

On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 09:54:55AM -0600, Brad Midgley wrote:
> hi...
> i would like to see libgcj work on ppc. i guess there isn't anyone working
> on it because there is missing stuff even in the cvs version. 
> could one of you ppc assembly gurus put forward the code to do a test &
> set? the header here hopefully provides all the necessary context with
> the x86 and alpha implementations... 

Look at the debian package of libgc4.  We patched this a while ago.

The patch is in the .diff.gz on any debian source mirror (<searches>):


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