OF booting of G3-upgraded 7600?

Michel Lanners mlan at cpu.lu
Tue Aug 3 03:46:37 EST 1999

Hi there,

Anybody have any idea why a 7600 upgraded with a littleJoe G3 card
can't boot through OF? I always get a 'Default Catch'.

I didn't have the leasure to analyze this further, but anyway
FAQ-o-Matic didn't offer any advice.

So far, I've been forced to boot with BootX, which works well, but is a
pain in the rear when testing new kernels (through the fact it forces me
to copy the new kernel over to MacOS).

As has been reported before, mounting HFS partitions directly can
lead to massive filesystem corruption (it happened to me as well...
while accidentaly overwriting an existing file), so I'm now moving my
kernels through a second machine via FTP....



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