C&T acceleration support, needs testers.

Ryuichi Oikawa roikawa at rr.iij4u.or.jp
Mon Aug 2 13:07:22 EST 1999

Thank you for responses.

From: Don Lunder <speedy at carboncode.com>
Subject: Re: C&T acceleration support, needs testers.
> I'll keep playing with it, and tell you what I find, if you have any 
> specific requests, please do ask!

I'd like to further know,

- Difference between 8bp and 16bpp. 8bpp doesn't cause endiannes problem but
 may be more unstable.

- Vertical band problem, more precisely(ex. both 8 and 16bpp? happens
 at what X command? appearing location and size?, etc.)

- Difference between chipsfb and offb(BootX' "no video driver").
  When kernel booted with "no video driver", Xpmac with -ct6555 option
  does BitBLT origin offset calculation, color palette handling and aperture
  setting. I have report that reading color palette immediately causes
  machine check exception resulting in kernel panic(why??). And if aperture
  setting is failed, Xpmac goes into infinite loop.

> PS After Spell checking the email, I see that register has a typo in the 
> Xpmac out put. <shrug>
Oops! :-)

Anyway, I'll soon upload the source code(at the same place, please check)
so that anyone can try and fix it, before I'm on a vacation.

In the mean time, I had a advice that I should end it and spend time
for new XFree(4.0). I'd be glad if someone continued to work on this,
though I haven't decided anything yet.


Ryuichi Oikawa
roikawa at rr.iij4u.or.jp

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