C&T acceleration support, needs testers.

Vinai vroopcha at post.its.mcw.edu
Sun Aug 1 06:12:24 EST 1999

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Ryuichi Oikawa wrote:

}I'm trying to implement C&T 6555x HW acceleration to the X servers.
}I put a Xpmac binary:
} ftp://ppc.linux.or.jp/pub/users/oikawa/Xserver/hw/powermac/Xpmac-
}XF68_FBDev version hasn't been compiled, yet.
}Because I don't have any C&T 6555x hardware, I need testers for
}debugging.  Thank you for your help.


I grabbed your Xpmac binary this morning and tried it out on a 3400/240
running R5.  It seemed to work well for the most part.  Very noticeable
acceleration, especailly over the XF86 server I was currently using.  I
did run into a couple problems though.

- If windows are moved around too quickly, vertical bands appear.  If I
  explicitly request that part of the screen to be redrawn (e.g. by my
  closing the xterm and reopening it), the lines disappear.

- When I passed it the wrong option (I used "startx --depth 16" instead
  of the correct "startx -- -depth 16", it off course ignored the wrong
  swtich and started up in 8-bit colour).  But on exiting X, it locked
  up the machine completely.  I couldn't even switch to another virtual
  console to kill the process or reboot the machine, so I ended up with
  a hard reboot).  For a window managers - I am using an old version of
  AfterStep that I recompiled from the src.rpm for R5.  It is version
  1.0.7a (Yes - I know it's old, but it is small, I know how to set it
  up, and does all I need ;-)

Otherwise, I have not found any other problems, and the person that uses
this machine is actually pretty happy right now, as am I ;-)  Thanks for
the great work !!


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