Support for Hydra i2c

Frodo Looijaard frodol at
Thu Apr 29 00:09:05 EST 1999

Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> The attached patch adds support for the i2c interface on the Apple `Hydra' Mac
> I/O, found on CHRP PPC motherboards. The patch is relative to the anon CVS
> version of yesterday evening.

Congratulations! You are the first to add support for a non-Intel 
architecture. I am very excited by your contribution! To be honest, I did
not even know the PPC architecture had an I2C interface. Very nice indeed!

I will merge your code in later today, and if necessary I will send you some
feedback on it. You may want CVS write access; it will make maintaining 
everything a lot easier for all of us. Phil is the one who needs to make 
an account for you; he also manages the mailing list, which might be 
interesting to you too. Phil, can you contact Geert for this?
>   - prog/dump/isadump.c
>       o glibc 2.1 doesn't have <sys/perm.h>
>       o make it compile on PPC (ISA I/O is memory mapped, but it doesn't work
> 	anyway because different types of PPC boxes have ISA I/O space at
> 	different addresses :-(
>       o fix a typo (datareg -> addrreg)

This was a very Intel-centered program :=). On Intel PCs, we often have
some hardware sensors attached to the ISA bus. We will have to find out
whether this is the case with PPCs too.
> The only things on my i2c bus are 2 SPD EEPROMS. I attached the output of the
> decode-dimms Perl script. It looks a bit weird though. 

Again, you need to talk to Phil. He wrote the EEPROM decode routines.

I am very curious whether anybody on the PPC has hardware monitoring sensors
attached. People, the sensors-detect script should work for you, but don't
try to do the ISA probing (you are asked whether you want it or not).

Good luck,

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