Pty problem in RawHide

Kevin Hendrickson hndrcksn at
Mon Apr 26 23:42:42 EST 1999

I can't telnet into my SuperMac S900, newly installed with RawHide 1.3.4
from on Friday April 23rd. At first all connections where
simply refused (telnet, finger, etc), but I traced this down to inetd.conf
having ALL services commented out by default (why?) Anyway now I get
"telnetd: All network ports in use"! Even when telneting to from
the console. Also attempts to run xterm fail with "xterm: no available
Am I missing another configuration file somewhere? I've checked /dev and
there are plenty of ptyXYs in there. I've built my own telnetd from the
src.rpm and it seems that openpty() always returns -1. Anyone else having
this problem? I really don't want to start hacking glibc to see what is
going on. 

Until this week, I had been using an earlier RawHide from
and telnetting was a non-issue (as it should be :-)) 

Kevin Hendrickson

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