tulip.c v0.91 does not compile under 2.2.6

David De Ridder s970707 at uia.ua.ac.be
Fri Apr 23 20:32:17 EST 1999


the subject says it all. I tried this because some people would like
to have Tulip support instead of de4x5 on their VME board. 
There seems to be a conflict with include files (linux/string.h ?). I
noticed the order of include files changed a bit sine 0.89, but I'm
no Tulip driver expert, so I can't say why (or why compilation fails).

However, it DOES compile on a 2.0.36.

The web page states that it is supposed to compile under 2.1.x as
well, but there's nothing on 2.2.x. Does this mean : "no, it does
NOT compile under 2.2", or "we haven't got a clue whether it compiles
on 2.2" ?

It was worth a try.

   David 'Septimus' De Ridder     <david.de.ridder at bitsmart.com>

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