MVME2306 : kernel 2.2.6 SUCCESS !

Simone Piccardi Simone.Piccardi at
Fri Apr 23 05:22:28 EST 1999

Gabriel Paubert wrote:
> :-( You should include linux/string.h instead of string.h.
>         Gabriel.
I made the correction you suggested, and that time make zImage compiled
well the routine, but then it stopped a bit further when doing vmlinuz
and zImage.
This was due to these two lines:

ld -o zImage $(OBJECTS) --just-symbols=$(TOPDIR)/vmlinux

objcopy $(TOPDIR)/vmlinux vmlinux -O binary -R .comment -S

in /home/ppc/linux/arch/ppc/prepboot/Makefile

That just don't work on my PC, because in this way the makefile is using
the intel tools, I modified in: 

$(CROSS_COMPILE)ld -o zImage $(OBJECTS) --just-symbols=$(TOPDIR)/vmlinux

$(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy $(TOPDIR)/vmlinux vmlinux -O binary -R .comment

and everything went fine. So now I can start to do check with your

Many thanks for all the help

Simone Piccardi
Microsoft is NOT the answer. Microsoft is the Question.
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