Un-Setting VME3PCI Master Master Enable on MVME2431

Simone Piccardi Simone.Piccardi at fi.infn.it
Thu Apr 22 02:55:47 EST 1999

today I got another "little" trouble with our board.
We finally get a dataway display that cannot work. After many attempts
to use it (it was perfectly working in other crates) we try to go back
to the default configuration of the board (I switched to VME3PCI Master
Master Enable = N according to what said in the mailing list to boot the
kernel) and everything went working.
The manual said:
N do not enable the VME Bus Interface

So is this only related to the PPCBug (and with a working kernel all
will be OK?) Or I have to worry?
Probably this is a stupid question, but as I said I'm totally new to

Simone Piccardi
Microsoft is NOT the answer. Microsoft is the Question.
The answer is: "NO!"

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