Magnus Damm eramdam at kieray1.p.y.ki.era.ericsson.se
Wed Apr 21 22:45:38 EST 1999

Hi there!

Has someone _ever_ run linux on a FADS860 with success?

I've exchanged some mail with Helmut <helmut.buchsbaum at siemens.at> 
and he has linux running on a FADS823.

I have the same problem as Thomas <tharvan at ellemedia.com> with my board.
Even with Helmuts workaround that resevers one tlb as #31.

I mean, what is the difference between the MBX and the FADS?
Except all crap around the processor - nothing.
It is the same processor with yes, i know, diffrent pinusage.
I suspect the MBX boot does something with the MMU at boot-time. 

It seems like the FADS is the only board with homebuilt boot-code.

The boot-code for the brightstar boards, is it open source?

What is going on when the memoryarea 0x300-0x1200 (ISRs) is trashed?

Is someone at least a bit worried ?



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