MVME2306 : kernel 2.2.6 SUCCESS !

David De Ridder s970707 at
Wed Apr 21 01:40:59 EST 1999


a quick report :

* I patched my 2.2.4 source tree to 2.2.6 (through 2.2.5)
* I applied Gabriel's latest patches (for 2.2.6). First generic,
  then vme. There were no messages during patching (``patch -p0 -s'').
* ``make distclean'' on the patched tree
* ``make oldconfig'' using Gabriel's mvme2600.config.nfsroot for 2.2.6
* ``make bzImage'' (went flawless)
* ``make modules'' - no problems this time
* ``make modules_install''
* ``depmod -a'' gives no messages (this is good)

Then, I fed the new kernel arch/ppc/prepboot/zImage to my TFTP server,
did a reboot, and there I was, up and running.
A little applause for Gabriel Paubert, who was very fast and helpful
in clearing some obstacles.

Just to make sure, I did a ``modprobe universe'', and the kernel said :

``Universe VME bridge revision #1 found at bus=0, dev=13''

This looks fine. When I get some info on how to use the /dev/vme, I'll
start experimenting with it.

I think I'm going home now,
   David 'Septimus' De Ridder     < at>

"Oh please don't make us watch it again !"
   - 'The Muppet Show' 

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