mvme kernel patches [LONG]

David De Ridder s970707 at
Wed Apr 21 00:29:06 EST 1999

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Gabriel Paubert wrote:

> >  Yes, and doing an entire kernel configuration is not funny on a serial
> >  terminal (at least, not with make menuconfig). Maybe an ncurses bug...
> I understand. But can't you run X on a remote display ? make menuconfig
> runs fine through telnet too. 

 If only I could telnet to the board...
 I cannot create extra users (in a useful way), and I cannot login as
 root with a telnet session. I suspect PAM for being responsible.
 I've already spent several hours tracing this, but I am a complete
 PAM newbie. Probably one stupid entry in one lousy file...

> >  You will notice that our mails just missed each other ;-)
> Yes, and also that the mailing list is sloooowwww...

 Indeed !

> >  Rats !  Hmm, do you think it is safe to unpatch to a standard 2.2.4,
> >  then apply 2.2.5 and 2.2.6 upgrade patches, and then your new patches ?
> >  (Installing an entire kernel tree takes long, since I only have NFS
> >  access to the destination server). Or, maybe you could send me your
> >  universe.h...please...pretty please...
> It should be safe. But I have attached it anyway.

 Ok, I'm going to try the whole patch circus now, and hope to get in the
 end a working 2.2.6 with VME support.
 I'll keep you posted,

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