mvme kernel patches [LONG]

David De Ridder s970707 at
Tue Apr 20 20:33:55 EST 1999


here are some things I discovered whilst testing Gabriel Paubert's
kernel patches ( on our MVME2306
board :

* using the old 2.2.4 patches (pre-16 April), ``make menuconfig'' would
  only allow you to load or save an alternate config file - no other
  kernel options were accessible.
* Using the mvme2600.config.nfsroot with these patches never resulted
  in a kernel that would boot (``Residual data located'' message, even
  before the Linux kernel had said anything).
* With the new patches, ``make menuconfig'' works fine (only one error
  during parsing). But now, the options to save or load are *unavailable*.
  This is not such a problem, the old ``cp'' and ``mv'' commands can do
  the trick ;-)
* The new precompiled nfsroot-2.2.4 kernel works great (as did the
  2.2.1). Even better : it does not give the ``openpic.c'' error anymore.
I still have some questions :

* Why is the Generic DECchip driver used instead of the DEC2x41x driver ?
  Is this because of the problems with the DEC21143 ?
* What is the use of this ``BC336'' ?
* (Gabriel) Is it possible to post the .config that resulted in the
  current zImage-nfsroot-2.2.4 on your FTP site ? Or by mail to this
  list ?

I'm currently trying to compile my own 2.2.4 with the latest patches.
I'll keep everyone posted.

Kind regards,

   David 'Septimus' De Ridder     < at>

"Complete eradication of Core presence in the Universe."
 - Commander Septimus, being asked for the terms for a cease-fire

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