Apple's "Darwin Streaming Server"

Grant Bayley gbayley at
Tue Apr 20 17:16:22 EST 1999

Hi folks,

Having played around with Quicktime 4 this morning and watched the BBC etc
across the Internet, I was delighted to see that Apple have opensourced
and released the source code for the streaming server itself.

I downloaded it and read the FAQ - only problem is they use the funky
NeXTStep-ish Makefile to build the thing and requires "modification of a
handful of source files" to compile and run on "platforms other than Mac
OS X Server".

I realise this is off topic, but it would be an interesting addition to
Linux (and LinuxPPC in particular) to have this available in an
easy-to-compile (./configure, anyone  :-) package..

Has anyone started work on porting this?


Grant Bayley
- Network Administrator, Batey Kazoo Communications
- Administrator, The AusMac Archive    gbayley at

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