Kernel 2.2.6-ac1 problem

root roboj at
Tue Apr 20 09:33:26 EST 1999

I compiled the latest kernel from source and I created vmlinux with no
problems.  After installing it in my system folder on my mac partition
and booting linux again, I get I/O errors somewhat randomly.
The message that is displayed is "No space left on device".  The file
/var/log/messages conatins the following lines:

Apr 19 23:23:07 localhost kernel: EXT2-fs error (device ide0(3,4)):
ext2_new_block: Free blocks count corrupted for block group 13

I had the same problem when compiling and testing the 2.2.5 kernel as
well, but I found no other references to a similar problem in the
mailing lists and newsgroups.  Can anyone help or offer advice?

-J. Robokos

System config:
Powerbase 603,
40MB Ram,
Maxtor IDE hard drive (Master),
Seagate IDE hard drive (Slave)

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