PPC Kernel Gurus Help?

Kevin B. Hendricks kbhend at business.wm.edu
Mon Apr 12 04:15:26 EST 1999

>Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 14:13:40 -0400
>To: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <bh40 at calva.net>
>From: "Kevin B. Hendricks" <kbhend at business.wm.edu>
>Subject: Re: PPC Kernel Gurus Help?
>I hope Apple's implementation is just overkill.  The linuxthreads
>pt-machine.h file in both glibc 1.99 and glibc 2.1 do not have the extra
>isyncs (they just use sync both before and after the routine).  They also
>do not align things to cache boundaries.  To do that we would have to
>change the sem_t because both the spinlock and the semaphore value are
>side by side and both are accessed this way meaning that sem_t would have
>to be 32 byte aligned and take up 64 bytes to be safe (32 for the
>semaphore and 32 for the spinlock).
>By the way,  I looked in that arch/ppc kernel for 2.2.1 and their
>implementation of testandset and compare_and_swap does not use either sync
>or isync or any cache alignment!!!!! (see bitops, misc.S and head.S for
>The PowerPC manual in Appendix G mentions the cache grain resolution
>problem but does not include it in their examples of testandset and
>compare_and_swap.  Also there examples only use isync and not sync but
>point out that for SMP, you should use sync.  They also only use sync
>before and after the routines and not in the middle.
>So are the isync and syncs needed?
>Should the semaphores be aligned to 32 byte address boundaries to take up
>a whole cache line?
>>It looks like apple implementation makes sure to always align the value
>>that is c&swapped to a cache line boundary (32 bytes). Also, they do a
>>sync and an isync. Apple's implementation looks like this: (This one
>>comes from some code I use on old PPC macs that don't have a system
>>function for compare&swap).
>>static asm Boolean	s_low_compare_and_swap(	UInt32
>>	inOld,
>>			UInt32				inNew,
>>			volatile UInt32		*outOld)
>>	{
>>	begin:	lwarx	r6,r0,r5
>>			cmpw	r6,r3
>>			bne		failed
>>			sync
>>			stwcx.	r4,r0,r5
>>			bne-	begin
>>			sync
>>			isync
>>			li		r3,1
>>			blr
>>	failed:	sync
>>			stwcx.	r6,r0,r5
>>			li		r3,0
>>			blr
>>	}
>>Regarding the kernel, I beleive signals and context switches (and
>>eventually any interrupt handler) should clear reservations too, but I'm
>>not sure if failure to do so can be the cause of your problems.

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