LinuxPPC on a Motorola MVME2400

Gabriel Paubert paubert at
Fri Apr 9 22:10:24 EST 1999

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Simone Piccardi wrote:

> Hi,
> we buy just some day ago a Motorola MVME 2431 VME board, to use it for
> data acquisition for a Cosmic Ray Physics experiment. I saw from
> previous mail that someone has started LinuxPPC on this board. 
> Could you give us some info about it? 
> Because I'm new to this board and to LinuxPPC (I always used linux on a
> PC machine), there is some place (or any kind of documentation)
> describing the boot procedure (we would like to use the net booting by
> tftp)? 

I have Linux/PPCeeee running quite well on 2600s. The corresponding
patches are at:

in files mvme2600.generic-patch-2.2.4 and mvme2600.vme-patch-2.2.4.
(this last one is a VME driver subsystem which I hope to officialy
announce soon, if I can find time to do something else than answering

I've not yet upgraded the various zImage (next week). They have serial
consoles and I've used root-on-NFS with 2.2.1. 

However, the 2400 has a new chipset (Hawk) which is not yet recognized.
If you have the technical information about it, it will be fairly easy to
add support in the early boot code. 


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